Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Am i really....going home?

Today is June 7th, OH MY WORLD!!!    I mean, WORD! Two days later i'm going home, officially, flying back to China. It's really a sweet bitterness, compared with coming to US, probably better. I still remember when i got in the airport, my brain was completely blank, then i got on the plane, and i start crying. It was kind of embarrasing, but i did feel scared and a little bit of hopeless.
I can't belive 9 months could go by that fast, it was too fast that i didn't even realize it. God put me in this gtreat family that gave me so much love, and we'll be family for the rest of our life.
Well, since i'm leaving,we do need to enjoy the rest of the time i'm here, make some sweet, take a walk....................if packing is not in the way................           : P

I love all of you who involved in my life, you made me grow up.

Sweets Making



 I just realized how many clothes i have.....
 my sister
wo de mei mei

Tonight’s gonna be the last night i sleep here. Farewell, comfy comfy bed :(
I wanna cry now.
I miss everything here!

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